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Web Research on Professional Associations

Project Title: Web Research on Professional Associations

Project Description:
Hello, I'm looking for someone to conduct some web research on professional associations in Canada. We are looking to start an aboriginal professional association in Canada, and are looking to find out what is working well in other groups. I am looking for the following: - 3-4 Professional Associations in Canada (preference for minority groups, like the chinese professional association of canada.. Etc) in powerpoint form - Must include aboriginal nurses association of canada, chinese professional association of canada - 3-4 Business Associations in Canada (preference for minority groups, like the black business and professionals association) in powerpoint form - 2-3 Cultural Associations in Canada (India-Canada Cultural Association, etc) in powerpoint form - 2-3 Business Professional Associations in the US (preference for minority groups, like the association of chinese professionals) in powerpoint form I have included an example of the categories and level of detail that I am looking for in the attached powerpoint file. These details might not all be available from the organizations website, and you might have to look to other web sources. Please do not spend more than 15 hours on this task. I look forward to your reply.

Project Duration: 4 Days

Output Format: PPT File

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