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Purchase Order Data Entry

A purchase order is a commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller will provide to the buyer. Purchase orders allow buyers to clearly and explicitly converse their intentions to sellers, and sellers are protected in case of a buyer’s rejection to pay for goods or services. Searching for quality and affordable purchase order data entry service provider? BOI is India based leading data entry company offer data entry outsourcing services. We offer purchase data entry services at in-expensive prices.

Purchase Order Data Entry Prices:
- Purchase order data entry – 3 to 4 USD per hour.

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Generally purchase order data entry contains following fields.
Buyer Information
- Name
- Address
- City
- State
- Zip
- Is the Shipping Address different than the Billing Address?

Seller Information
- Name
- Address
- City
- State
- Zip
- Will the Seller’s jurisdiction be the governing law?

Purchase Order Terms
- Purchase Order Number
- Purchase Order Date
- Ship Date
- Currency
- Form of Payment
- Requisitioner’s Name
- Mode of Transport
- Number of pieces
- Gross Weight

- Item No.
- Item Description
- Unit of Measure
- Qty
- Unit Price
- Total Price

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