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BPO outsourcing India offers services in OCR scanning to our customers from different parts of the world. With the use of high quality scanners, our customers are guaranteed of high resolution and quick speed. Our services are superb and we always listen to our customers keenly, since we are aware of the potential of OCR scanning in saving much time and costs for you. The initials OCR stand for optical character recognition and this is the mechanical or electronic translation of images that have been scanned. These images may be handwritten, printed text and so forth. We scan these images at bp outsourcing India and convert them into electronic files, which greatly enhance your record keeping in the office, or wherever. We can also format the images, so that instead of converting them into electronic files, they are published on your website. This service of OCR scanning is just one of the many services offered by our company.

OCR Scanning Prices:
- OCR Scanning Services - 3 to 10 USD per hour.

Send your OCR scanning outsourcing project requirement on and quality OCR scanning services at discounted price.

What are the advantages of contacting us for your OCR scanning needs?
First, it is worth noting that image OCR scanning makes it possible for you to edit the text, or search for a word or phrase from the scanned work. If one was to do the above manually, it would take longer and one may not have all the time to go over the images and documents. Secondly, Image OCR scanning enables you to store the electronic files more compactly and you can even apply techniques like machine translation and text mining to the files. Our skilled IT specialists use the latest software for the image OCR scanning and this means that the end result is quality work and one which will leave you satisfied. Our systems make it possible for you to read specific fonts, unlike other systems used by some companies which have to be programmed with images of each character. Nothing satisfies a customer that the knowledge that they are being listened to and this is exactly what we strive to do at bp outsourcing India. We know that different customers have different requirements and that what works for one may not work for the other. Therefore, depending on the nature of your business, we advise accordingly on how to design your OCR system.

Does the fact that we are affordable compromise the quality of our work?
This is not really the case and the fact that our OCR scanning India services are so affordable, does not mean that the services are wanting. On the contrary, our services are excellent, as any customer we have worked for can attest. For example after we have converted the images into electronic files, or text for being published on the website, we always go ahead and proof read the data to ensure it is accurate. This comprehensive proof reading is meant to ensure that there is no room for mistakes and that accuracy is safe guarded. Services like outsource OCR scanning which we offer can save you much money. You can always count on us to meet any of your OCR scanning needs and you can reach us on . Indeed, our services are as attractive as our rates.

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