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OCR Data Conversion

OCR is a process which changes images on type written text into text which can be edited by machines. BPO Outsourcing India is one of the best companies which offer OCR conversion services. This helps in the processing of documents that are printed in typewriter fonts and normal printers. We offer high quality professional services to ensure that the work we do for your organization is top notch. We have the latest softwares and are constantly reviewing them to make sure that we offer you nothing but the best. Our services are very affordable and you get to save a lot of money should you decide to consult with us. There are different types of OCR which we can handle such as typewritten, hand print, music and MICR. For the conversion process we first scan the documents so that they can be easily read by the machines.

Our OCR conversion services are very reliable and we can do any amount of work within the time that you need it to be ready. We have a professional team that is highly dedicated and committed to their work regardless of volume or complexity. Our services are very efficient and are not costly and thus you are guaranteed that you will save a lot of time and money. We offer a variety of services when it comes to OCR and some of them are PDF OCR services which deal with the conversion of PDF files. Our softwares are high tech and they can handle bad quality images to provide a high quality output. We also do zonal OCR which is the indexing of a document which can be captured automatically and placed in a data base. This process is used mostly when invoicing. We also offer forms OCR service which helps to covert printed forms with the highest degree of accuracy.

BOI offer quality OCR Conversion with highest level of security and confidentiality.
- Image OCR Conversion
- PDF OCR Converison

OCR Conversion Prices:
- OCR Conversion - 3 to 5 USD per hour.

Send OCR data conversion requirement on and get converted data withing effective time and cost. We are one of the leading OCR conversion service provider in India. Try with BOI, for your data conversion project requirement. BOI is ensuring you to provide high class OCR conversion services. We will deliver images and pdf into word and excel format.

OCR conversion also deals with the books OCR service which converts books. We are able to convert all types of books no matter the size and have all the elements of the original book preserved. Once the process is done one can edit the book in this format comfortably. We go a step further and offer newspaper and Magazine OCR services which we use to convert your newspapers and magazines. We ensure we do this according to your specifications and we can work on several projects at the same time. We can cleanse the data further by using several softwares we have. Some of the major problems that we are able to deal with easily are the likes of format retention and data loss because we ensure that your data is retained with no alterations. There are several reasons why you should let us offer you OCR conversion services and some of them are: it is inexpensive and thus you do not spend a lot of money. We offer high quality work and you can be assured that you will get your work on time and properly done. Delegating these duties to us enables you to have more time to concentrate on other issues of your business which can lead to realizing more profits.

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