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Mailing List Research and Data Collection

Project Title: Mailing List Researched

Clients Requirement:
I have a list of 3,475 Malaysia companies from which I need a mailing list researched.

Of the 3,475 records, the fields I have are:
- Company name (100% populated)
- Main telephone (95% populated)
- Website (59% populated)

I required a total of 14,000 records, approximately 4 contacts per company.

The job functions of the contacts I require are (in order of preference):
1. Human Resources Director
2. Human Resources Manager
3. Compensation & Benefits Director
4. Compensation & Benefits Manager
5. Recruitment Director
6. Recruitment Manager
7. Administration Manager
8. Finance & Administration Manager
9. CEO or Managing Director

The fields I require are:
- Company name (100% populated)
- Title – Mr, Ms, Dr (100% populated)
- Full name (100% populated)
- First name (100% populated)
- Surname (100% populated)
- Job Title (100% populated)
- Office Address1 – Suite, floor, building name, ie Suite 11.4 11th Floor AAA Building (100% populated)
- Office Address2 – Street number, street name, ie 123 Main Rd
- Office Address3 – District, ie Damansara Heights
- City – ie, Petaling Jaya (100% populated)
- State – ie, Selangor (100% populated)
- Postal Code
- Office Main Telephone (100% populated)
- Direct Line (50% populated)
- Fax (100% populated)
- Email – no generic or non-business email addresses (100% populated)
- Website (100% populated)

I am not concerned with the methods you use to collect the data (desk research, telephone research, existing directories, etc). All I am concerned about is the number of contacts and their job functions, and accuracy of the data. We will verify the accuracy of the data using software to test the email, fax and websites and we will verify the contact names and addresses using telephone, fax and post.

Please get back to me ASAP with a quote, your company history, your company’s infrastructure & resources and an outline of the methodology you intend to use to complete this project.

Project Duration: 20 Days

Project Cost: 8 USD per 100 records.

Clients Location: Singapore

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