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Excel Data Conversion Services

BPO Outsourcing India is your reliable partner when it comes to all your data entry needs. We offer a variety of services and you can choose the one you want us to offer to you for your data. Our categories mainly include data extraction, processing and conversion. One of the services that we offer in the conversion category is excel conversion. This is where we are able to convert all your documents which are in excel to any form that you would like them to be in. We use the latest and fastest softwares to ensure that your work is done on time and is of high quality. We can handle any amount of wok no matter the bulk to make sure that our clients are content.

We also offer the services of converting word to excel and PDF to excel. This is where we are able to convert those types of files to excel format. Our services are very affordable and you can be guaranteed of high qualify work. Excel conversion helps an organization to be more organized and have their data in one place which makes it easier to be retrieved and worked on. The reason why you should let us do your data conversion for you is because you let your work be handled by professionals at low cost which enables you to focus on more important things in your organization which can result in your company being more successful. We also help you to save a lot of time and energy which you can use doing something else. We offer online services and you do not have to come to our offices as we handle your work and send it in the format that you wish it to be in. With our excel conversion services you can be able to access your documents from any part of the world and not only in the office.

BPO Outsourcing India offers you conversion of various formats to XLS or to CSV as listed below:
- Paper / Book to XLS or to CSV conversion
- Image to XLS or to CSV conversion
- Microfilm to XLS or to CSV conversion
- Microfiche to XLS or to CSV conversion
- PDF to XLS or to CSV conversion
- Doc to XLS or to CSV conversion

Excel Conversion Rates:
- Excel Conversion – 3 to 5 USD per hour.
- Excel Conversion – 5 USD per 100 records.

Get accurate and effective excel conversion services from India based data entry company. BOI is India based most trusted and cost effective data conversion services provider. Step forward to send us your XLS conversion or CSV conversion requirement at

Other than documents we can also convert handwritten material, books, manuscripts, cards and any type of forms. We also offer back up for our excel conversion where we store your documents for a certain while just in case you misplace yours or something tragic happens to them so that you can have a fall back plan and your data is not lost. If you consult with our services regularly, we offer you discounted rates so that you are able to save more money and have much work done.

We are very flexible when it comes to our services as we can even pull all higher to make sure your work is done and delivered on time. Having your work done by BPO Outsourcing India is not a hard task as you have to do is send us your document requirements where we analyze it. From here we are able to plan and execute how the work will be done including the necessary costs you will need to pay us. We send you all the information so that you can know whether you agree to our terms. If you agree we are able to do your work within the required time frames and send you high quality complete work.

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