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Employers and Job Seekers Database

Project Title: Employers and Job Seekers Database

Project Description:
We are UK based company looking for database of employers and job seekers. Typical data needed for a "clients" company with peoples "names" and “job titles" plus their "emails". We are looking database in format of company name, main area, expertise area, business size, address, country, email, website of employers and all basic details of job seekers. So we would be looking at all UK based companies in the different expertise we have below. If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Project Duration: 1 Month

Project Cost: 15 USD per 100 records

Total Number of Records: 1000 Employers and 5000 Job seekers

Clients Location: UK

Employers Data Collected in following format:
- Company Name
- Description
- Main Area
- Expertise Area
- Business Size
- Address, City, State, Zip
- Country
- Phone, Fax
- Email, Website URL

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