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Drawing Scanning Services

Increasingly businesses are required to store and maintain all sorts of documents and these may range from the usual printed documents to drawings that may include construction and architectural information. This is where the need to outsource drawing scanning services from a reliable partner comes in. These drawing scanning services ensure that all the images that your company deems important and that are used on a frequent basis are scanned, saved and stored in a safe manner. Data Entry Outsourcing India is here to make this possible for local and global companies that require their drawing scanning needs to be met.

At Data Entry Outsourcing India we are committed to offering you the best kind of drawing scanning services at the most reasonable rates imaginable. The costs of drawing scanning are skyrocketing and finding a partner from whom you can outsource drawing scanning is very vital to the cost of production that is incurred by your company. Our highly advanced scanning technology as well as out professionally trained technicians make it possible for us to offer the highest quality of drawing scanning services. This has also made it possible for us to handle both large and small scale scanning projects with the same objectivity and timeliness as our clients deserve.

Drawing Scanning Prices:
- Drawing Scanning - 5 to 10 USD per hour.

BOI having strong infrastructure and experienced drawing scanning service provider to accomplish task. Send your drawing scanning outsourcing project requirement on and get quality drawing scanning services at competitive rate.

Our drawing scanning services encompass a whole range of other services that we are geared to offer making us the best partner with whom to outsource drawing scanning.

Here are some of the services that a client can access when they outsource drawing scanning:
- Large format drawing scanning
- Blueprint scanning of architectural and construction plans, engineering and mechanical drawings
- Blueprint drafting and architectural cad drafting services
- Cad conversion services, cad services, cad drafting and raster to vector service

Our high speed scanners have made it possible for us to offer drawing scanning services for all formats of drawing. The type of drawing scanning that we undertake is done on but not limited to Maps of all sorts ranging from landscape to portrait maps, large and small maps as well as regional and local maps, architectural Drawings as well as engineering maps. To outsource drawing scanning services with us for the architectural drawings means that your project will be delivered to indicate the photo-realistic views of the building in questions as well as offering a 3D tint and modeling to the drawing itself.

When you outsource drawing scanning services with us our team at Data Entry Outsourcing India will undertake your drawing scanning documents under an initial procedure. These drawing scanning services will entail un-binding the documents in which the drawings are in, removing the pins and clips and stretching out the folded area of the documents. After this our trained teams will use the high-power scanners to undertake the drawing scanning projects and they ensure that all the features of the drawings are maintained in the highest quality. These documents are then delivered to the client as per their specifications and the scanned document may also be manually indexed if the client makes this requirement.

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