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Data Research

Data research forms part of our core business with products and solutions that are used on the global frontier to undertake time-critical projects such as capturing and processing of data for large scale elections, examinations, financial documentation and population censuses. The team prides of a wealth of experience in the delivery of time-critical and complex data capture projects for clients across the globe.

Our core business focuses on successfully delivering projects to our clients that include international agencies, public and private sector organizations, national governments, as well as specialist organizations. These projects include national population census, voter registration, election ballot counting, financial document processing as well as large volume or complex survey work from organizations that prefer outsourcing research data to professionals for good results.

The data research team has built a deep knowledge in the data capture process in the above-mentioned areas and thus is able to pass the same expertise to the customers to ensure that they adopt some of the most appropriate methodologies and techniques for guaranteed excellent results. We closely work with our customers who are always aware they are in safe hands when it comes to the management of sensitive data-capture projects. We are extremely proud to have already serviced clients from across the globe.

Our business document and data capture services have proved to reduce the irritating document and data capture overheads and thus improving on efficiency, the accuracy of results as well as processing levels. This is accomplished by the use of our latest and up to date software and hardware solutions and the state-of the-art bureau facility. This makes us able to provide our clients with full system integration, on going support and consultancy.

Our web data research involves performing a preliminary analysis of our clients' requirements and of the website so as to clearly understand the data structure. The complexity of the project determines the method to be used for obtaining data from records. This is done in rows and columns format and is returned to the client in Access or in tables of SQL server. The program is customized in such a way that it can perform screen scrapping or extract data manually. Each web data research a team of professional who ensure that it's professionally handled from scratch up to completion.

The credible research team makes our company an invaluable partner for our clients’ research and data collection projects. Services include research project development, project scope development. Right from the start elaborate survey questions are formulated to increase data collection efficiency while at the same time leveraging on the existing data. The team is adequately trained in data collection, survey design, direct outreach as well as database creation to ensure that our clients leave a satisfied lot at the end of every project.

We collect and store data on behalf of our clients and thereafter perform rigorous tests to ensure that the information is of the highest quality. This helps in coming up with a credible database while adhering to ISO standards to ensure that all the data research services uphold regulators and legislators requirements.

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