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Dance Clubs Data Scraping

Project Title: Web Data Extraction of Dance Clubs

Project Description:
We are looking for a data extraction job on dance clubs. We are a DJ agency and are looking for our newsletter for fresh further Email IDs. As we are based in Switzerland our main goal is to have the central Europe clubs all in our list (not restaurants or bars!!!!). It has to be clubs which have a dance floor to dance on so that we can ask those clubs in our newsletter to book one of our DJ. We do have a list which gives also the format of this search (name of club, country, website, contact phone, EMAIL etc) and would like to have an offer from you on the following: 1. Complete the existing list which will be provided with more clubs from central Europe (currently list includes Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Ibiza, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Czech republic). Add as many clubs as you are able to find via web research or party location / event websites. 2. Add further countries with a fresh research from Europe (especialy balkan states) with Prio1. Add north of Africa (Egypt, Morocco etc) as prio 2. Add Asia especial Russia as prio3. We would like to have a fixed price based on number of EMails. Other clubs that you find but without email ID are not relevant to us. Hoping on a quick reply as we want to start quickly. Please contact me for any clarification.

Project Duration: 15 Days

Project Cost: 5 USD per 100 records

Total No. Of Records: 12000

Objective to Create database of Dance Club: Email Marketing to Promote Business

Client Location: Switzerland

Dance Club’s Database created with following fields in excel:
- Name Of Club
- Address
- City, State, Zip, Country
- Website, Email
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