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Checks Processing & Data Entry

Project Title: Checks Processing & Data Entry

Project Duration: Ongoing

Total Number of Records: 1500-2000 checks / month

Client Location: USA

Output Format: Insert data into software.

Project Description:
How much will be the monthly rate for an estimated data entry load that usually takes 20 hour per week, taking breaks and at a relax pace. i am an accountant, i need my client’s checks information to be entered in a software. Each check has a vendor name, and amount, a date, and a check number. The average checkbook has around 50 checks and i have around 30 clients , i guess that i will need an estimated amount of 1500-2000 checks monthly ,may be more. each check should takes less than a minute to enter,. The software i use is very simple to use. Right now i am doing the job myself and it takes me around 1 hour to finish a client that has around 100 checks, but i reconcile the amounts and make sure that i did enter the right amount. i hope this information is helpful to estimate an output basis quote. Also let me know if you have experience with basic bookkeeping data entry work.

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